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6 Tips for Trade Show Press Releases

If your brand has a presence at industry events, you have a story to tell.

Trade shows are meccas of newsworthy announcements because they provide the perfect launching pad to reveal new products, offer thought leadership from industry experts, and validate industry trends with awards. Media and consumers alike pay close attention to event news, and if your company is participating in a show, your brand should be part of the conversation around it.

With that in mind, how do you craft an announcement that capitalizes on the newsworthiness of an event without being buried by it? Even though each company’s trade show strategy and metrics for success will differ, the story that a brand tells should ultimately align with those goals and be spun through multiple channels so that it creates a buzz on and off the event floor.

Whether your objective is to create brand awareness for a new company, drive traffic to the booth for leads, or get buyers to your website, you have quality content to share. Fortunately, there are a few basic guidelines that brands can use when writing event content that can be easily customized based on show marketing goals.

Below are 6 tips to adhere to when creating your next trade show press release:

1. Incorporate the event name into the headline or subhead. Headline real estate is precious; headlines should be under 100 characters with the most important words being featured in the first 65 characters. However, it is worth it to have the show name occupy some of the headline or subheadline space because it enhances the discoverability of your content within the conversation around the event.

2. Feature a clear call to action. What do you want readers to do next? Whether it’s directing them to an online press kit filled with further resources or getting them to your website, give the audience the tools they need to take a deeper dive into your brand’s content.

3. Utilize multimedia elements to create a visual story dynamic. Adding visual assets to the press release will not only help increase views and engagement, but will also give the media a compelling reason to use your content over a piece of plain text. Product shots, video demos, and infographics are great trade show teasers, but also offer utility outside of the context of the event, leading to a longer shelf life.

4. Use natural language and disruptive formatting. Industry jargon can seem impossible to avoid in niche trade releases, but writing in more natural terms for a human audience will win you points with both readers and search engines. To make it even easier for people to find and consume your content, break up monotonous block paragraphs with elements like bolding and bullets.

5. Don’t forget about the booth number! Your content is telling a story, and the small details are crucial to its overall impact. Include the booth number to make it easy for attendees to find your exhibit, and add any pertinent information about what will be going on (such as a giveaway, demo, etc.) and when. Providing these details upfront takes the guesswork out of how and why readers should connect with your brand.

6. Take advantage of social media. Be sure to include information on your brand’s social media presence in the release. For events, a Twitter handle is especially important for real-time connections. Many events have official show hashtags which make it easy for attendees, exhibitors, media, and consumers alike to participate in the event conversation—whether they are on the show floor or following along from home. Pro-tip: Promote your announcement through Twitter using the official event hashtag to get your release in front of an audience that otherwise might not have been reached.

Trade show adventures offer the perfect opportunity for brand storytelling. Capitalize on the newsworthiness of your brand’s next trade show by following these guidelines and the content will resonate beyond the show walls.

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Originally posted on PR Newswire's Beyond PR blog: http://www.prnewswire.com/blog/6-tips-for-trade-show-press-releases-12903.html

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